Vacation Day 4 – day at sea

Day 4 we didn’t do too much… dink’d around on the ship, played in the casino, just pretty much hung out. We did go to a juggling workshop, the show from the night before had jugglers and a guy who ate fire and they put on a juggling workshop the next day so we went to that.

I’ve always been able to juggle, I may not have the best form but I’ve always been able to do it, I remember learning to juggle with scarves in PE class back in elementary school. Bo learned I think for the first time and did pretty well!

He also participated in the bean bag toss game they had pretty regularly. Sadly, he didn’t win but he did do well!

Day 4 just happened to be FAT TUESDAY… that’s right … Mardi Gras!!! We did get off the ship in Grand Cayman and went walking around and to all the shops but we didn’t do an excursion. And I didn’t get any pics. Bad girl I know. It was PARTY TIME back on the ship though. They had Karaoke going on outside on the Lido deck showing it on the big screen tv so we thought we’d check that out for a bit (bo was in the pool watching with some friends we had met).

Then it was back inside for the actual Mardi Gras party where Bo earned LOTS of beads and horrified MANY people in the process as you can see below.

He thinks he’s “all that”doing the rave in the hallway wearing someone elses hat.

The other 2 couples we met on the ship, Levi & Jess our next door cabin mates & Shawn & Jen our dinner buddies we sat at the same table with.

Where else would we be on the ship than at the casino!?!?

Shawn & Jen our dinner buddies.

Yet again… at the casino. Bo plays a bit more wreckless than I do, that’s his whole casino budget for the day and 3 match play tickets he earned on 1 spin of roulette. That was gone in about 16 seconds so he sat and watched me play blackjack for about 3 hours after that.

The boys

I guess I forgot to take a picture of the towel animal that night…. sad :(
And our 3rd towel animal. So cute! Roland was our room steward, he was great, always made sure we were taken care of and kept bringing the animals at night!

We started a zoo…..

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