Vacation Day 3 – Cozumel, Mexico

This was the excursion we did in Mexico:

Feel the adrenaline rush through your body in this extreme boat ride to Isla Pasión!

  • Experience incredible acceleration and high speed maneuvers, including 360° turns at 60 MPH, as Twister skims along the Caribbean waters!
  • After your thrill ride, you’ll arrive at a secluded beach where you can enjoy its amenities, away from the crowds.
  • Enjoy a complimentary Mayan lunch buffet and open bar during your stay at Isla Pasión.

The boat ride was a kick in the pants! I got scared when we got on board and had to strap in with seatbelts like race cars but it was a blast! It was about a 30 minute trip to and from the island and we probably would have been LESS wet had we swam there!

We arrived on the island and had Mayan buffet for lunch and hit the open bar!

We ate and drank then found some hammocks in the shade and took a nap for a bit. Then we hit the beach!

We relaxed here too and didn’t do much of anything but enjoy the sand and sun and beautiful water.

And returned to the ship (via the twister boat) to our second towel animal!

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