Vacation Day 5 – Grand Cayman

We didn’t do too much in Grand Cayman, just walked around and looked at the shops and checked it out.

Downtown streets

We found an ice cream place and had local ice cream, I had apricot which had huge chunks of actual apricot in it, soooo tasty ….

and bo had 1/2 banana, 1/2 pistacio… ick. But he loved it! I think we paid $9.00 for 2 single scoop ice cream cones. OUCH!

Us on the pier

The ship didn’t port in Grand Cayman so they had water taxi’s come pick us up right off the ship and take us to shore. Here’s bo on our way back home.

The water here was amazing, crystal clear turquoise blue colored, so pretty.

And you can see the swirls of color from shallow to deep here.

Our ship from the pier.

A pirate ship we passed by

Fresh out of the shower back out on the balcony again!

The show this night was put on by “Puck” a hypnotist… I have never really believed in hypnotism so I thought I’d give it a try to see what happened and volunteered!

I was quickly moved to the end of the row after he had started (because I was laughing) then kicked off stage back to my seat because I was unable to get myself into hypnosis and was cracking up the whole time at the people next to me “falling asleep” and landing on my shoulder. It was far more fun to watch anyways.

Here we are at dinner in the dining room

Bo got a chance to try out Karaoke … it broke glass. Just kidding, he actually did really good but his partner Shawn had apparently never heard the Pearl Jam song they sung so it was AWFUL.

Our towel sting ray to add to the zoo!

We went back out and partied yet again. We had a colors party that night, depending on what level of the ship your room was on, you were assigned a color. We went lounge hopping that night in honor of our color (white) and partied hard dancing and singing all over the ship. In the end on the very last night, another team passed us up and took first place.

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