Vacation Day 2 – day at sea

They have photo opportunities all over the ship so you can stop anywhere and have your picture taken professionally, it’s great!

On our last cruise, they let us take pictures with our own cameras at these places also but not on this cruise.

They charge about $25 per picture (and you can get about 20 pictures per night) so we didn’t purchase any. I took pictures of the pictures they had taken until they told me that also was not allowed so this was all we got for our professional pictures!

This was our crazy, insane, FUN cruise director “Butch” teaching a dance class. He was SO MUCH FUN! Jon Hiebert, he was YOU with brown hair!!!

This was another hip hop dance class Bo partook in… he didn’t do so well :( But it was fun to watch!

Us in the piano bar, that’s a blast, there’s a guy in the middle of a round bar who spins around playing a piano and singing and everyone joins along pounding on the bar and singing!

Goofing off in the piano bar

Bo is far goofier than I am.

Here’s the whole room

Us on our balcony

And the wake from the ship, we sat out and watched this forever.

Oh and me on night 2. It was formal night so we got all dressed up and went to elegant dinner. It was lobster night so I ordered 2! (yup, for real) But I had been getting sick earlier and couldn’t quite make it all the way through dinner so I gave my lobster dinner away to the guys eating with us and ran back to the room and spent the rest of the night throwing up and spinning in bed. After 2 sea sick pills and some sleep, I was ready to go again the next day. SUPER bummed they never had lobster dinner again though. :( I got sea sick on day 2 of our last cruise too…

Our first towel animal… so exciting, I love these!

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