Sunday Night 1/21

Just a quick update tonight.

They were able to wean him off some of the Epinipherine and his blood pressure and heart rate have maintained. YAY! Please pray he can get OFF of this and his heart rate and blood pressure maintain.

His lactates went back down (good) so they took him off of the paralytics AGAIN (this is the 4th or 5th time they have tried to get him off). His lactates rose back up from 1.1 to 1.3 and they are checking him every hour to monitor. Pray his lactates remain LOW so he can get off the paralytics completely and they don’t have to keep re-sedating him. If his lactates go back up, they have to paralyze him again. :(

As for me, I have food, drink & beautiful flowers at home now thanks to some neighbors & friends (LOVE Fred Meyer Clicklist – I ordered, a neighbor picked up and voila! I have food!) I am feeling much better but unfortunately not sounding much better so there is no way they would even let me near the unit the way that I sound right now. I have rested all day (drink, eat, pee, pump, rest, repeat) and am about to have dinner, pump, shower and head to bed for the night and try to sleepp for 12-18 hours so I can wake up feeling and sounding like 100% and head back to the hospital tomorrow. Some elders of a local church came over to anoint me with oil, bless me and pray healing over me and I’m certainly doing everything I can in my power to take the best care of myself to get better.

Please pray for Gideons heart rate & blood pressure to maintain even without the EPI, pray for his lactates to remain low even without the Vec (paralytic), pray for his comfort and continued positive trending throughout the night and pray for my healing. Please keep my parents in your prayers as they still have the big boys and what a mighty task that is for them and pray for the big boys as well, they are traumatized by this too. I’m setting up a care schedule for next week to have some help at home with whomever is at home for people to come hang out with the big boys to ease our transition back home. We are so emotionally raw and fragile right now, every little thing just feels overwhelming and we want to have a peaceful transition bringing the boys back home not getting overwhelmed and overdone or upset with them and their excitement to be back at home and need for a lot of attention when we are so exhausted.

THANK YOU for continuing to pray and thank you for praying so specifically for our family. I will have another update for you tomorrow afternoon. The doctors do ’rounds’ around 11am and we get to participate in those and hear all their medical stuff they plan for the day then talk to either the attending (senior) physician or the fellow (less senior physician) and they explain to us (well, me, I don’t know all the medical stuff like Bo does now, he has googled himself a PHD this past week) in kindergarten terms what it all means. I’m to the point now where I don’t want to hear any of it, my mama heart can’t bear to hear the struggles he has, I just want to know that he will live and we will get through this and they say we will so that’s enough for me for now. So I’ll post another update after rounds tomorrow.

My big boys get to have a daniel tiger party in nana & poppis bed tonight. :) Oh how I miss them!

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  1. Great pic of the big boys. So adorable!! You keep resting and getting back to health. We will keep the prayer vigil going!! Much love and hugs to you all. Constant prayers for Gideon.

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