Monday morning 1/22

Rounds were a bit late this morning but here is your Monday morning report on Gideon!

He remained off of the paralytics all night long! HALLELUJAH!! This is a big step! His lactates did increase up to 1.9 throughout the night but he made it through and was back down to 1.1 this morning. We need him to stick in the 1.0 area in order to stay off the paralytics which they have discontinued for now and we are hopeful and prayerful that it will remain.

His cardiac output seems to be improving but his blood pressure is not quite stable yet and dips down a bit too low to come completely off the Epi but they are trying to wean that down as well.

There is some concern about kidney function as he is retaining a lot of fluids (you can see how puffy he is in the picture) so they are increasing his dose of lasix while trying to keep his kidneys in an ok range as well. It’s a delicate balancinng act with the 2.

He was weaned off the vent a little more overnight and seems to be tolerating that ok for now.

They are going to try to wean more off the morphine today as well and see how he respond to that.

Overall, there are some concerns, he isn’t “out of the woods” yet but he is showing positive trends which is a good thing.

As for me, I am still home. Not well enough to return to the hospital yet. I am eating and drinking well, resting lots, not doing much of anything other than taking care of myself and counting down the minutes until I can see my big boys and get back to the hospital to be with my little man. We are all ready to get the big boys home, have Bo and I rotate shifts at the hospital, get Gideon stable, have me be healthy and try to find some sort of normal again even with it being a difficult time for us. We just want our family back together, healthy and stable.

– My healing. I NEED to get better. 150%
– Gideon continuing to improve. Blood gasses, blood pressure, weaning from medications and vent. Keep taking positive steps forward. Perfect kidneys.
– The big boys & my parents.
– Bo. He is tired, it’s hard to sleep at the hospital.

We are just a needy bunch right now in need of a lot of prayer :) We are doing well, holding it together but we are ready for some more progress and improvement and to get the family back at the house so we can snuggle and be together.

THANK YOU for lifting us up in prayer and the encouragement, love & support!

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  1. Praying hard for you all every morning!! Blessed to have got to spend time with Blue yesterday! He was crashed this morning so wasn’t able to see him, but snuck a peek at Gideon! He’s awesome!! Love you guys!

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