St Patricks Day

Our family celebrates St Patricks day by way of green flowers, green food, green decorations, cards and fun, yeah, we’re dorks :) Here are some of our pictures of this year!Above is the table mom set that we filled up with corned beef & cabbage with potatoes, carrots & onions as well as green salad and bread. MMMMMMMMMM it was so good, I ate corned beef for 3 days!

Mom & Chloe

Uncle Bo and Chloe playing “Where’s Chloe??” which chloe thinks is hysterical. Bo throws her over his shoulder then looks around in circles exclaiming “Where’s Chloe!?!?!” as if he can’t see her and she thinks it’s hysterical as she yells “I’m HERE unco bo!!” and he spins around to hear her voice but not see her because she’s still over his shoulder…. this goes on for quite a while.

Not worthy of a new profile pic :) At least we’re both wearing green!!

Mom and dad and Chloe sneaking in the flowers….

Chloe passed out pretty early, I think she was asleep by 8pm RIGHT smack in the middle of nana & poppi’s bed.. can you say spoiled!?!?

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