Fuzzy got Busted

We took Bowser to the groomer today for our first time (she’s done it before but we’ve never taken her). She’s got such long fur she was starting to get mats even though we do brush her and we’ve never even see the cute collar she wears, we can just hear her jingle wherever she’s at. I was scared to take her in for her first time, what if they shaved her bald? What if they clipped her nails too short? Were they even going to clip her nails? What if they cut her skin? What if they made her bleed? What if the stress was too much for her? What if they were rough with her? I had all sorts of things going through my mind about her going in so while Bo had offered to take her himself, I told him for my own peace of mind, I wanted to go check the place out and meet the groomer. She was a really nice gal and made me feel better about leaving her there. She did great in the car on the way there, she sat on Bo’s lap the entire time and watched out the window. She didn’t cry at all, she was more of a trooper than I was!
We THOUGHT she was getting a Lion Cut … I had asked the groomer to trim around her neck/collar area because her fur was REALLY long and getting mats I had to cut out and go ahead and trim the rest of her down a bit including her tail… But when we took her out of the box at the groomer to check her out she was NAKED!!! hahahaha.. she looks hysterical, we love it! She has legs! And a neck! And a tail! We’ve never seen that before!

Before and after

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  1. awesome!!! i love the look!!!! she’s really a cute kitty!! you should get her on a schedule to keep her looking like that!!
    love mom

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