Kati’s Baby Shower

Although you can barely even tell she’s pregnant (in real life, in this picture she actually DOES look pregnant), Bo’s sister Kati is about to have her first child, Aiden. Here are a few pictures from the baby shower last weekend.

She decorated this cake herself! She frosted it on her own, drew the letters and designs, did the ribbons and binkies, it was pretty amazing. I was asking where she bought it because it was so cute but she actually decorated it all on her own! She must have got an A+ in cake decorating class!

Here are the most of the presents and her about to dive into them all.

Most everyone who came

She had this cute idea of having everyone make onesies and/or bibs for baby… There were some really creative and cute designs there but i went plain and basic because I am creativally challenged…

Then I thought uncle bo might want to be included too…

My friend Ellen and I

Once again, Katie (and Dan) decorated the nursery. She painted the letters on the door herself and stamped the walls inside. It’s really cute and they are almost all done!

Dan is going to build a changing table in the nook under the window but they have pretty much everything they need already and it looks really cute.

Dan was at home, I accidentally woke him from napping with his nephew going in to take pictures of the nursery. I just had to get a picture of this little guy with his butt sticking out passed out cold on uncle Dan, it was too cute!

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