Soup Day

Aunt Sharon & Gary

At Thanksgiving, my aunt Sharon & Gary mentioned having a “soup day” get together… make some split pea w/ ham soup and turkey noodle soup with the leftovers from the Thanksgiving feast to all get together again. We had that day today (yup, over 2 months later with the same leftovers!) Just kidding. Here are some pictures of everyone that came to their house today to hang out. Mom was home sick with the flu but I’m pretty sure dad packed her a doggy bag so she could have some fresh home made soup & bread as well. My aunt & Gary made a fantastic clam chowder (and i HATE clams but it was really good) as well as chicken noodle soup and a few loaves of fresh baked bread. It was so good, and nice to hang out with everyone for a few hours again.

Trina & Joseph

Cousin Ron, Grandma, Dad & Aunt SharonCousin Kelly & her 3 daughters: Chelsea, Chandler & Chayce, Joseph & Chloe, Bo & Trina

So Trina & Joseph brought some blocks for Chloe to play with…… do you see her playing in this picture???
She did get a LITTLE time to play with the blocks…
But was quickly shoved out of the way so “unco bo” and poppi could play with her blocks.
At least they built her a tower taller than her to get a great picture with out of them. She may not be able to play with them but she can stand next to them and look cute anyways.
Poppis birthday is Tuesday… Trina & Joe brought a cake so we could celebrate today.
Chloe of course got to blow out the candle on the cake.
That’s it for soup day! Missed you mom, maybe next time :)

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