BAGS of fun!

We’re on a pretty tight budget so we do our best to find entertainment for free. Our cat so far has been our best source of free entertainment. With the ball up and down the stairs, her running from the vacuum cleaner, snuggling in bed (when daddy allows her to) and now the bag…

We always make sure we take care of our responsibilities before we play…. She will hang out and read with us too. Normally she wants to lay ON my bible at night in bed when I read, she’s not as comfortable with daddy though, she still keeps her distance from him :)
We came home from Trader Joes with some groceries last night. Of course they use only paper bags which Bowser had to check out.
“What’s this new toy daddy?”

“I can’t figure out how to get inside!?!”
“Thanks dad!!”
Bowser!? Where’d you go!?!?
“Here I am !! Peek a boo”
“I’ll get you daddy!”
“Uh oh… daddy got me…”
“Put me down please! Thank you.” (he was swinging her around the room in the brown paper bag with handles) “Gimme!!!! I’ll get it!

“Nap time”“all done. leave me alone”

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