Saturday 2/3 – We moved!

Hahaha, my little man in a big bed for his transfer. This is his new bed that he will live in until we go home. He looks so small in here!

This is our new room! It really is a beautiful room with more space and more comforts. I just don’t like it. LOL. It’s new. It’s different. It’s scary. I don’t know the nurses or the doctors. There is an emergency page going out right now for a room in this wing, ugh. Gideons alarm just went off. The nurses aren’t close to his room like they were in the ICU. Yeah, there’s a fridge in here and we are allowed food and it’s a different view out the window but it’s all scary and new. I’m such a creature of habit & routine, apparently I really don’t like change much because I’m just being a big, fat weenie today! Lol. At least I can laugh about it while I cry about it. This is a double room so there is the potential that we will have a roommate, not even necessarily a baby, I’m sort of hoping we don’t get a roommate though because I would rather have a visitor and still be able to use the bathroom in here than have a roommate and not be allowed to use the bathroom if it’s not an infant patient.  If the bathroom has to be shared with patients who will actually use it, families are not allowed to use the bathroom. If they are both infants, we can work out the bathroom usage between the families that share the room. At least we got the window side of the room which also has the bathroom as well. The bed is big, plenty of room for me to sleep comfortably, it doesn’t feel as cold as our ICU room was. There is no longer a curtain between Gideon and us so I don’t have privacy for pumping the way I did in the other room but that’s ok.

Gideon was a FUSS BUCKET during the transfer and wore himself out so he is resting again. I probably should be too but I’m not yet… maybe soon. I need to pump but I have to wait to get a new pump because they don’t transfer between units so I have to wait. We tried to nurse at lunch. It was a nightmare. I just don’t want to do it. He NEEDS to eat and grow and get strong, fat and healthy but we are not good at nursing, they were preparing for the transfer and trying to switch his beds while I was trying to nurse in the chair having to move so we didn’t get rolled over, he was too sleepy, I got too frustrated and upset that he missed out on a whole meal for lunch and so we just cried together instead of him being able to enjoy a meal. I would just much rather pump at this point and bottle feed him, I’ll discuss it with the occupational therapist again when I see her on Monday.

They disconnected his NIRS monitor so both of those are completely gone now which is good, his toes are cold again which hasn’t happened for a few days so that’s sad but they also put a hep loc on his PIC line so he is no longer connected to the IV lines on the pole and just has a hep locked IV in each of his feet so he has socks on now! They told me I could even put clothes on him if I want to but he still has the feeding tube, the high flow air, the EKG monitors and the o2 sat monitor so there are still quite a few things connected to him so I’ll probably wait until he gets disconnected from the air at least, then maybe I’ll get some clothes for him if he can wear them then. I had a bunch of stuff packed in our original hospital bag but that’s all back at home now since clothes weren’t allowed until now.

Ok, I’m going to lay down for a bit I think then consider what I’ll do for dinner tonight since I can sit in my room and enjoy a meal for the first time in 3 weeks now. I’m starving too so hopefully I’ll have something good :) He will get dinner tonight and hopefully we will both sleep great tonight… who am I kidding? In a whole new place with him farther away from me and the nurses farther away from us… it’s scary!!! But it’s good! I’m thankful for the change even if I’m resistant to it and terrified of it. It’s good. God is good. We are good. The big boys at home are good, Bo is good, we are good…… :)

3 Replies to “Saturday 2/3 – We moved!”

  1. Every GOOD and perfect gift comes from above. I’m on pins and needles every time I read one of your journal entries. I’m glad you have changed rooms and Gideon is such a warrior. Today I will pray for renewed comfort and a renewed mind. Much love.

  2. Change is scary but the good news is he wouldn’t be there if he wasn’t making progress. This is just another step towards getting home. You can do this!

    He looks so itty bitty in that big boy bed.

    Take care, praying for rest for you both tonight!

  3. Looking at these photos and reading your post, I suddenly feel overwhelmed about how great our God is. So thankful for a Father who cares so much for us and for this teeny little boy. I look at this picture of Gideon and I can see God in everything about him. I am so happy to know the Bradshaw family and so thankful for your testimony and your unending faith. I cannot wait to meet this Warrior in person. I have a feeling that he will spend his life changing people for eternity. Much love to you all.

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