Safeway Coupon Shopping

I took my list, the store ad & my pre sorted coupons and headed out to Safeway today for a few items we needed. The ONLY thing I purchased that did not have a coupon for was beer. Everything I purchased was on the shopping list so I didn’t grab anything impulsively just because it was a great deal or anything even if I could double a coupon on it. I keep a running list of items we need and just check them off as I am able to find good deals on them. There’s still quite a list left of things that we need/want that were not on sale with a coupon so I won’t buy those until I can get them on sale WITH a coupon as well. I do shop more frequently this way (weekly rather than bi weekly) but I save an average of 50% per trip so it’s well worth the extra hour trip to the store twice per month. Here’s what I got today. (The cat was ours already) :)

I always let the checker scan all the items before I whip out my coupons or enter my club card # so I can see the retail total at the end before discounts plus I’ve heard you can’t double E coupons on top of printed coupons but you can double printed over E coupons so I make sure everything gets deducted from my card before I hand the printed coupons.

This totaled $157.03 when she rang it up. I entered my club card # (with E coupons pre-loaded onto my card as well as the store club card sales) and handed her my coupons.

I paid $74.22

I saved 54% ($82.81)

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