Dads Birthday & Miscellaneous

Dads birthday was February 3rd. We had the family over that weekend for dinner/party and had a blast! We had a great dinner,cake & ice cream and laughed HARD playing guesstures and catch phrase. So fun! Here are some pics…

Chloe helped Poppi open presents

Dads cake (Transformers with a semi truck transformer)

Chloe helped blow out the candles too

And helped Poppi read his cards

Apparently Poppi and Chloe were the only important ones at dads party because I completly forgot to take pictures of the rest of us! OOPS!!

And onto the miscellaneous… I was bored so I took a picture of a dinner I made one night. Roasted veggies & grilled chicken. YUM!

And of course I couldn’t blog without including Bowser.

Happy Valentines Day!!!!

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