Our new cat

We FINALLY took bowser to the groomer today to get a haircut. She’s got a few mats that I can’t get at because her hair is so long and she HATES to be brushed so I can only do a little bit each time I try.
She has got so fuzzy over the past few months she’s long overdue for a haircut. Notice that she has no neck, and not really any legs either, her feet just stick out from under the fur. Her tail cracks me up too, it’s like a candy cane, I’ve never seen it straight, it curls over on the end and is a big ball of fluff.

I thought it had only been a few months since we took her in but looking back at this blog, I see “a few” has been 10…. oops.

Fluff with ear tips, eyes, a nose, cranky mouth and feets….

Sleepy fluff

And here she is back at home again. I can’t believe they shaved off her entire tail! She doesn’t look anything like the same cat! She looks like a baby sheep that just got sheared..

With a face, a neck, legs and a little stick tail

Here you can sort of see the “sheared’ness” of her, the little chunks of unevenly shaved fur…

And the pathetic stick tail… this is so sad… ha, Poor thing. She seems fine though, not hiding out for days like she did last time, she’s been hanging out with me tonight.

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