Kari’s Birthday

Here are the pictures of my birthday this past week.

Celebration #1 was with Bo’s & my best friends who we got to go to one of our favorite restaurants with. How cute are they!?

We went to Jasmines Mongolian grill. If you’ve never been to a mongolian grill, go, it’s so good! It’s a buffet line, you select the meat you want then add noodles, tons of veggies and sauces then take it to the grill where they cook it right in front of you.

Cooking on the grill

Bo & I. This would be profile worthy if it was in focus. :(

Anna got me a birthday cake on our way back to our house to watch a comdey dvd (Brad Stein, he’s realy funny). This cake was SOOOOOOOOOO good, i had 1 piece every single day for 6 days. Dark chocolate with chocolate fudge icing. Too bad we didn’t have any milk.

Celebration #2. This is what I found at my desk when I arrived at work Tuesday morning, I was pretty surprised. (Thanks K!) Later that day there were flowers delivered to my desk as well from my wonderful hubby. The picture with those was out of focus.

My co workers all signed a card for me and 1 of them even hand made me a really cool crown. I promised her I’d wear it at least long enough to get a picture with it.

Celebration #3 was a “surprise” dinner with my parents & Chloe at Taco Time. I was VERY surprised even though my dad had called me that morning and sang me all sorts of birthday songs on my voicemail then ended it with “See you tonight!!!” hahaha :) (Mom had called and sung to me on my voicemail as well)

Chloe even colored me a picture that’s hanging on the fridge for my birthday!

Woo Hoo auntie Kari got healthy snacks for her birthday!!

Our birthday portrait at Taco Time, I stick with the story that I’m a tourist wherever I go, I don’t care if it’s a place that I frequent, I’ve got to get my pictures!

I don’t think I’ll ever get the 1-armed self photo down, no matter how many times I do it over and over and over again, I cut off our heads EVERY time. I even point the camera up and STILL cut off our heads somehow, I think my camera has eyes of it’s own.

My new scrapbooking/photography goal is to start getting better candid shots. Seeing them actively laughing is hysterical and so much better than pasted on “photo shoot” smiles.

You’ve seen this move before (if you haven’t scroll down about 2 blogs and you will) … “Where’s Chloe!?!?!?!”

Swingin! Yep, we’re a horrible aunt and uncle, we play in the parking lot but they crashed into all sorts of stuff trying to swing in circles inside the restaurant.

Flingin! Now you see where we get it, Nana plays in the parking lot too! Chloe wanted to go “flingin” so they flung her all the way to the truck. Again, loving the candid photos!

My birthday was a blast, hopefully it was a preview of how this year is going to be because I had a wonderful time and was so blessed by my friends and family! Thanks for all you did guys!

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