Chloe Park Day

Mom & dad and Bo and I took Chloe to the park/lake to play and feed the ducks. We had fun as you can tell by the pictures below.

Sporting her super cute shades.

Her even cooler flip up shades.

Put the toys down… it’s time to get serious feeding ducks.

Nana & Poppi

Uncle Bo & Chloe

She threw in a whole bag of dressing and about half a loaf of bread then wanted even more!

Watching the kids play

The lake

Then we headed to the park to play on the toys

Poppi pushing her higher and higher on the swings

Uncle Bo chasing her EVERYWHERE to tire her out

Uncle Bo & Chloe were overtaking the toys… kids were getting scared of the craziness and jumping from the sides!! Poppi to the rescue!

Girls just want to have fun

Making sure it’s all safe for Chloe to play on…….. Riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight

Checking the slide for safety too nana?? mmmmm hmmmm


I have no comment. I am speechless. Feel free to post your own comment of this picture at the link below.

Yet again… speechless. My family amazes me often.

She actually did it the right way… right age, right size, sitting the right way…


Bo trying to see if he could fly from the swing. Yes he DID hurt himself attempting this stunt.

Uncle Bo & Auntie Kari

More swingin

It’s all fun and games UNTIL………

SOMEONE PEES ON THE SLIDE. time to go home!!

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