God Boxing

(this is a picture from the internet, I have NO idea who the girl is in it, she is not my friend, just a picture relating to the story I’m sharing) I was out taking my walk today which is when I do my praying. I was praying for all the requests on my list and kept hearing from God about something that made no sense to me. He kept telling me a friends name and about boxing. It made NO sense to me at all. I love this friend, I know her well and she is NOT a boxer, sure, she has tried it in the past but she doesn’t box, she doesn’t take classes to learn how to box, to get in shape by boxing, there is absolutely NOTHING in her life relating to boxing in any sort of way. I put the prompting out of my mind and continued to pray for others. God interrupted every prayer I prayed with her name and boxing over and over. So I said “Ok God, I have ABSOLUTELY no idea what you want me to pray about but I’ll pray for my friend and boxing.” I prayed about her boxing, about her getting punched, about her boxing in the past and in the future, I prayed about people who would or could box with her, I prayed for her health, the health of her family members, pretty much everything I could think of to pray about for her personally as well as boxing and any relation it could possibly have on her life. It made absolutely NO sense at all in any way I could concieve.
Until this afternoon, I received a message from her that said “Well, it’s all done….I boxed” I said “what!?!?! what are you talking about!!?!?!?” having known NOTHING about her boxing. She told me she had to box today because of a situation that arose and that God spoke to her today through her boxing. I said “ohhhhhhhhhhh, now it all makes sense.” She said “what are you talking about” and I told her the story of how I had been praying for her boxing today all morning even though it made no sense to me, I had no idea what it was about and couldn’t comprehend what it was I was praying for her about, but I heard God, he put her on my heart, he put her boxing on my heart and I prayed for it while she was out boxing.

Again, I don’t believe in coincidences, I believe in God who orchestrates EVERYTHING and every once in a while, when we’re willing to shut up and listen to Him and to follow His promptings, we get a glimpse of His power and grace.

My friend and I both felt amazing, we felt like we had been used by God in his plan, we were obedient to him (her with boxing, me with praying) and both were blessed to see and feel His presence in our lives. We are both grateful and in awe of how God can use us if we obey.

(Just to be honest, this story was not actually about boxing, it was about something completly different but to protect her identity I used a metaphor which I think fit perfectly.)

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  1. Hi Kari! It was fun checking out your blog, isn’t it so addicting? You were talking about a way of scrapbooking it – have you looked into the “blog books” they can make? I think that is what I am going to do, they just turn your whole blog into a hardbound book. I have enough to scrapbook and keep up with, I’m hoping my blog can be kept simply:). Oh and thanks for the invite on March 28, but my project 365 scrap group gets together that same day! Maybe another time!

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