Easter Eve

This is Bos & my 2nd Easter together. We missed Easter in 2007 because I was out of the country. But we picked up our tradition right where we left off of dying easter eggs. We don’t have kids but we like to have fun so we do it ourselves anyway!

preparing the stuff

lining up the cups in rainbow order. guess who did that? Nope! It was me not Bo!

Us dying, eggs that is.

I was proud of myself for a couple of the ones I made. Bo tried to say they were “OUR” eggs… Uh.. NO…. I specifically let that egg sit in the purple dye for 30 min to make it pretty, it was my creation! HE made the cool 2 colored ones, I didn’t have the patience for that sort of creativity.

Bo’s cousin told me a story today about telling her young son what eggs were. I said “Chicken POOP!” and she said “yeah, pretty much, he’ll never eat eggs again.” hahaha.

At least they LOOK pretty all rainbow colored!

See… so proud!

Bows was having nothing to do with it, she was guarding the stairs with her life! She OWNS that staircase!

Awwww… so cute.

After we were done dying eggs at our house, we picked up Bo’s friend Blake for the day… He’s not cranky, he’s just not a fan of the camera, probably even LESS of a fan that I’m posting his picture on the internet for the whole world to see. But it’s ok Blake, I think you are the only one that even reads our blog anyway! :)

We picked up Blake and headed over to Bo’s grandma & grandpa’s for Easter with his family. Here’s grandma & grandpa and some of the rest of the family to follow.

Mom & niece Violet

Uncle Bo & Violet trying to give the “deuce” sign… not so good Uncle Bo.

Cousins Charitie & Jessica cookin it up in the kitchen!

Uncle Bo & Violet again

Auntie Kari & Violet

Violet with auntie Kari’s glasses… she was grabbing for them on my face so I decided to share.

All the kids at the “kids table” …. It’s all fun and games UNTIL…. someone throws up.

Aunt Lori & her fiancee Greg with Violet

Bo & mom

Bobby, Sarah & who? Oh yes, violet again… :)

Cousin Brandon & his shirt.

We had fun visiting and eating with the family then headed home. Here I am sitting on my computer posting pictures for all to see and the boys are…. well, you can see below.

We celebrated Good Friday watching “The Passion of the Christ” with some co-workers of Bo’s which was a lot of sad fun and tomorrow we’ll of course be at church! I can’t wait to hear the Easter message this year, our pastor is usually pretty creative with it. After church we’ll head to my sisters house to celebrate Easter again with my family! We hope your Easter is as blessed as ours has been! Family, food, fellowship, fun and of course the only reason for it all, Jesus!

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