Easter Day

We had a pretty awesome Easter this year. Yesterday we got to spend time with Bo’s family, today we went to an awesome church service and heard a great message then got to spend time with my family this afternoon. I didn’t take pictures at church (though i did SERIOUSLY consider it because I would love to have the visual memory, yes I am a dork but at least I came to the conclusion that it would be distracting and inappropriate and didn’t do it) but I did get pictures of the rest of the day.

Chloe painting, she was VERY focused and refused to even acknowledge there was life going on outside of her coloring page. (notice she is painting with her left hand)

Chloe busting into her easter basket

Then Chloe “yard saled” the basket which apparently means tipping it over and dumping everything out onto the floor to go through and see what she got.

Dad decided to take over her masterpiece and finish it while she was going candy crazy in her easter basket.

Mom & Dad

This is Trina & Joe’s dog “Precious.” She’s about 7 1/2 years old and weighs MAYBE 4 lbs… she’s hysterical, she’s about the size of a football and often wears clothes.

Uncle Bo got tired.

All the family… Chloe was very excited about the flash for the camera since we had been waiting so long for the picture to go since I set the time to 10 so I had time to run into the picture. We cracked a few jokes, goosed each other and had some fun waiting for the flash!

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