Well, I uploaded these pictures all out of order and can’t re-arrange them on the blog now so here’s a mix up of our yard progress!

This is my garden, I planted tomatoes, cilantro & jalapeno at this end this weekend. The green on the far end is the peas I started a month or so ago out of seeds.

The front of our house. Bo mowed. We fertilized and over seeded the front lawn so hopefully the bare spots will fill in. Thank goodness it’s rained 2 days in a row now!

The side where the new neighbors house just got built. We laid seed over there too to attempt to grow grass.

The left side, we seeded here too (heavily) so hopefully we’ll get grass in the whole dirt area.

The back yard. All the rocks we picked last year. We seeded this whole area too and are hoping for grass.

The left side again.

The right side again… Bo raking the seed/fertilizer

The back yard with the additional patio we had poured last year. Now we just need to get a couple chairs so we can sit out on the back patio!

My cute little flowers mom bought me for my birthday. They were getting pretty sad so I checked on them the other day and saw that the pretty little pink pots don’t have drainidge holes in them so the flowers were literally floating in full buckets of water. Oops.

This is our butterfly plant Bo’s mom bought us for easter. I’m hoping it grows big and tall and we get lots of butterflies around it!

The other side of my garden. This side has the peas then beyond the peas where the line is drawn, for the next 2 feet is romaine lettuce seeds. I planted an entire packet of seeds, we’ll see how many grow. I’m so excited for fresh lettuce!!!

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