Friday night Bo called me while I was walking to my truck leaving the parking lot at work. he told me to meet him at a friends house right now and not to ask any questions. So I did, I drove to our friends house, met him there, locked my truck and got in his car. I noticed a pair of shoes and a bag in the back seat…. hmmmmm. Off we went, dinner at a drive through and 3 hours later, this is where we arrived!

On the windy beach

We had a blast! It was SO nice to go to a hotel where we had no computer, no dishes, no laundry, no responsibilities! I was a bit worried to see what he had packed for my overnight bag so the first thing I did was unpack the bag he brought me. We were staying for 1 night, in my bag I found 3 sets of underclothes, 5 pair of pants and about 8 shirts. GOOD JOB! He knows 1/2 the stuff in my closet doesn’t fit me so he brought all of it to make sure SOMETHING he picked out would. hahahahaha.

We went to the beach until it rained

And spent the rest of the night in the casino playing cards. We both play blackjack & texas hold em, Bo plays roulette & I play penny slots. We sat in the casino and played the night away then went up to bed. Slept in Saturday morning, had $1.99 breakfast and hit the road! It was SO MUCH FUN! Thanks for the awesome getaway dear, I loved it!

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