Yard Progress

So we’re still working in the yard… we’re replacing all the bark in the flower beds with rock and here’s what we’ve done so far…. It is actually full of rocks but they’re a bit wet because I watered them to get the weed killer to soak in.

This is the back border along the fence in the back yard. We’re going to grass between the rocks and the patio that you can’t see here.

Almost the entire back yard.

We got this flower bed started and finished today. I dug out one of the plants and gave it to the neighbor who traded me 2 small trees to plant in the back yard in our corners to try to clean it up a little in this flower bed in front. It took an act of God to stop us from working in the yard but we dumped the last load of rock in the flower bed and within a minute it was pouring down rain. Guess we’re done for the day… Next we get to plant the 2 small trees/shrubs in back then spread all this dirt below to seed and grow grass. Hopefully we can get it spread, rolled, seeded, fertilized and watered this week!

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