Rock Pickin

Our friend Jerry offered to come over tonight to pick some more rocks with me. Bo lucked out yet again with rock picking duty, yesterday just as we started, the key to the tractor broke in half so he spent most of our rock picking time meeting up with my dad to get a spare key and go have more made, today he was home sick and told to rest from the doctor so we didn’t let him help. We got 3 loads complete tonight and made a lot of progress… here is last nights picture and tonight when we finished.

last night…
tonight… we almost completely filled the left side in… this was mid 3rd round… i’m not sure if i broke it or just badly bruised it but it swelled up pretty good and started turning black right away. I smashed it on the sharp corner of the tail gate under a heavy rock. it’s swollen even more now and hurts and i can’t bend it at all at the first knuckle but i don’t feel broken’ness inside so i’m not sure, i’ll throw some ice on it, take some tylenol and see how it looks tomorrow.

And just because she’s the cutest thing alive.. here’s the baby bows napping :)

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