Valentines Day

Bo cleaning up the Valentines day dinner mess…. Me so excited that I don’t have to clean it up!
We didn’t actually celebrate Valentines day ON Valentines day this year, but I think we will next year :) We did go out on a date the day after to our favorite restaurant Benihana, I called them the week before to make reservations and they were already booked for Valentines Day so I was too late scheduling us a date on the actual day. We know next year to put a little advanced planning into celebrating the day! We hung out on Valentines day then had dinner together at home and watched a movie. The day after, we got to go on our date to Benihana, our favorite!
If you’ve never been there, GO! It’s pricey but we were able to use a gift card we received for our wedding to pay the small portion of the bill we owed. Thanks to my parents, we had a diners card which gave us buy 1 get 1 free on the dinner and the gift card to pay for the non free dinner! Anyways, they put 8-9 strangers all together at 1 table surrounding a hibachi grill and everyone’s food they order gets cooked together on this grill.
The meals all come with soup, salad, shrimp appetizer, veggies, steamed rice, entree & ice cream. Bo had the chicken and steak, i had the prawns and steak. We also get the fried rice, it’s almost the only reason we go there and pay $28 for dinner is to get the fried rice… The stranger who was sitting next to bo gave him her entire bowl of fried rice becuase she was on a diet and couldn’t eat it. He was 1 happy boy….
They put on a show for you while your here as well, banging their utensils around making noise, throwing food and even lighting it on fire. He made the stack of onions, lit it on fire then started pushing it around on the grill yelling “Wooo Wooooooooo Wooo Wooooooooooo” as he flipped the lights off and on (like a train). then he flings a raw egg still in the shell all over the place flipping it up and catching it with his spatula only to flick it up again. Too bad we didn’t have tal with us to break it for him this time :)

We had a pretty cool chef, his name was Pai (pie) who told jokes, played with everyones food and even posed for pictures as long as we promised not to put them on the internet. (oops)

Stuffed stupid….I ate everything except for my steak, i took the whole thing home with me and ate it for breakfast this morning! Bo was able to finish his entire plate as well as the strange lady’s rice she gave him!

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