Alaska # 2

Day 2 in Alaska…. It’s amazing how everything is WHITE all day long even when the sun is just beaming all day long. It’s beautiful. We went to get coffee on the way out at Kaladi Coffee (which does put starbucks to shame I might add) and while the boys and I grabbed coffee, Ali took her daughter Grace to the toy store next door. We went over to pick them up with our coffee… We spent quite a while longer there when the boys found the robotic toys…
This was the baby moose we drove past just down the street from their house.

Back at home it was video game time. Bo and Chris were Wii Bowling…. I’m not quite sure what Bo was aiming for with that bowling swing (I don’t know what it’s officially called) but that doesn’t look anything like how I used to bowl (and I used to bowl on a league!)
Chris on the other hand seemed to have perfect form which could be why he smoked bo at most of the rounds they played.
Us in the snow. Our 1 picture we took together all weekend. I NEED to be better at getting pictures of us out together.

More of Alaskas beauty. Bright sun, crystal clear blue skies and white frozenness all over.
They are surrounded with white mountains all around

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