Unfortunate Afternoon

Here’s the readers digest version of my afternoon yesterday. I’ll try to make it as short as possible. My PLAN was to get off work at 4:30, go to a store in Federal Way to get some scrubs, hit a drive through on my way home for dinner since Bo was out working late, get home by 6:30, eat my dinner and start scrapbooking for a couple hours until Bo got home. What ACTUALLY happened was a different story:

I went grocery shopping on my lunch break, 2 items on the list of things to buy, I forgot 1 of them.

When I got off work, I forgot the 1 item I bought earlier inside so I had to go back into work to get it putting my nice relaxing evening schedule behind before it even started. :(

I made it 3/4 of the way to Federal Way and realized I was supposed to pick something up at a friends house at 4:45 (it was about 4:50 now) so I had to turn around quick and race back to her house. I took the next exit off the freeway and figured i’d pull a u-turn at the bottom of the exit to get back on in the other direction. But I U turned a bit too far and ended up driving back up the offramp in the LEFT LANE! I noticed when there was a car coming at me head on, threw my truck in reverse and backed back down to the entrance again. Completed the U turn correctly the 2nd attempt and made it back on the freeway headed WEST (i was supposed to be going east)…. I forgot that a U turn at the bottom of an exit ramp on the freeway does NOT get you back on in the opposite direction… UGH

I finally got turned around headed east (back to maple valley to get to my triends house on time) and she said she would just bring the stuff over that I needed since they were leaving. So I turn around again, get back WB on the freeway and back headed for Federal Way. Now I realize I don’t have my purse… it’s back at work. So I get turned around, head EB again towards home and text Bo. He offered to bring me our debit card that he had and I said yes so I had to turn around again to meet him in Federal Way… I take the exit off the freeway, U turn at the bottom and get back on headed EB again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (supposed to be going WB now). I text Bo and say nevermind, forget it and resolve to driving back to Covington to get my purse since I can’t figure out how to drive the right direction on the freeway for some reason. He calls me to see what’s going on and as I explain to him all that just happened, I start crying… then sobbing. I’m telling him “I’m so stupid! I feel like a hamster in a wheel wasting time and running all over the place not getting anywhere!” then I start chuckling and laughing a bit, still while sobbing then hysterically cracking up while crying to him laughing saying “it’s not funny!!!” sounding like a complete lunatic I’m sure. How could he not laugh while I’m sobbing and hysterically laughing at the same time crying “It’s not funny!!”

I get back to work, get my purse, make it out to Federal Way only to find they didn’t have any scrubs I liked or wanted. Head back home. Get a text from Bo that reads “what are we doing for dinner” which in man language translates to: “What are you cooking me for dinner?” ruining my plan of hitting the drive through and scrapbooking… I let him know I will cook dinner for us and pack lunches for tomorrow and go back to the store again to get milk to make Tuna Helper (we both actually like that). While at the store I remember the other item I previously forgot and picked that up too. Make it home about 7:15 and start cooking. Make 2 boxes of Tuna Helper so there was a lot for Bo for dinner and lunch the next day. Finish cooking, try it and realize it tastes funny… I added an entire head of fresh broccoli but there was something different about it… finally figured out I forgot the tuna!!!! Wow. I amaze myself.

Decide to call it a night, take a shower and go to bed. Wake up to Bo yelling at me “Wake up, Kari, hey hey hey!!!” and realize that I’m screaming and yelling (at my dad) in my dreams but apparently loud enough for the neighbors to hear so we both wake up. I startled Bo awake to the point that he wasn’t going back to sleep so he brought the computer into bed with us to play video games while I tried to go back to sleep. (He smoked my score at FB Bejeweled Blitz). After about an hour of tossing and turning, I finally get back to sleep (I woke up at 2am so it was about 3am now). I vaguely remember Bo kissing me goodbye this morning then wake up to my alarm which had apparently been going off for over 20 min and I slept through it. JUMP out of bed, throw on some clothes, try to peel my eyes open as I hop in the driver seat of my truck and straight for the coffee stand! Make it to work right on time with coffee in hand and hope to have a better day today!

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  1. I say WOW too. Something must be done about your hectic schedule. You need to learn to put yourself on the calendar. Just you and no one else. To relax, rest, put your feet up, if you want a foot massage I can come over or I’ll send you out to get some reflexology. How about that?
    Love you, Mom

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