Bo and I had our 1 year anniversary last month on the 19th. We watched our wedding video again and had a good laugh, it’s great, I’m so glad we have it to watch every year for the memories! Then we headed up to Seattle to our favorite place to eat: Benihana!

Here he is sitting outside the restaurant looking cute

Not a good picture of the water, but it was out there!

The viaduct … I love the blue sky, green trees and busyness of the city

Finally at Benihana, our chef made our fried rice in the shape of a heart for us…. awwwww :)

Then he wanted to pose so he could be on the internet too!

We had a blast. We can’t wait to go on our cruise next month which we have been waiting for since our honeymoon as our actual anniversary gift to each other. Lots more pictures to come after that! We’re so blessed to have made it a year, we said after only 3 months that if it weren’t for God we’d have been divorced already and we’ve improved our marriage tons since the, we still have a long way to go though!

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