Tux & Pens…

Bo and I went to the Mens Wearhouse on Monday to check it out and see what they had available. I didn’t know they even rented tux’s there until I received an email from Davids Bridal (where I got my dress) saying that they had a partnership and used the same color schemes so we figured we’d check it out. It’s a lot closer than the Tux shop which would be way more convenient for all the guys so we went just to take a quick look at what they had.

About an hour later, we walked out after Bo had been fitted, picked out exactly what he wanted, ordered it all and paid in full! Sweet deal! They were very helpful and friendly so we just went with it and got everything taken care of! Now we’ve just got to get the best man & groomsmen to go in and get fitted and it will all be done!

We also found pens. Bo wanted to use matching pens to address the envelopes (so did I but I gave up on finding them FAR before he did) so after visiting a few craft stores, we tried one last ditch effort going to Staples Office Supply where we found the perfect Sharpies! Yup, I’m addressing our wedding invitations with Sharpie pens! (they’re fine tip)… the color matches great, we were so happy, I guess that means I should probably get to work on them sometime soon huh? UGH….

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