Tuesday 2/27

SO MUCH I have to write. So little time to write. Hopefully I can make some time soon to fill you all in on some funny stories, maybe even a quick video too. But for now, I’ll just leave this picture here.  Yes, this is Gideon on a scale. Yes, the scale reads over 7 lbs. Yes, it’s pretty accurate although he is wearing socks, a diaper and a t shirt. He is also very overdue for a big poop.

We made some big changes to his feeding schedule so please pray for continued weight gain (though it should slow significantly now) and for a poop. For Gideon. Lol 😂

I hope to post much more soon! It’s a crazy, wild ride with 4 boys but we are so blessed by God! I’ll be back as soon as I can!

Please also pray for a baby named David in Texas. I don’t know his details yet other than he was just born, 4-6 weeks early and is on the transplant list for a new heart.

Thank you! ❤️

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  1. Love hearing it all Kari❣️ So happy he has gained some weight and we are still praying for that big poop💩. Love, hugs and prayers🙏

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