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Well not too much has gone on since we returned home from our honeymoon. Bo went back to work full time the week after we got home and I finally got a job that I started this Monday. I will be a medical receptionist for a local medical clinic working in the pediatrics unit, ENT and the family practice offices. I’m enjoying it so far but it’s only been training. I’m looking forward to making money again and having contact with so many people each day. Plus it’s Mon-Fri from 8-5 so it’s not like shift work, no nights, holidays, weekends, etc. It’s an “on call” position but they give 2 weeks scheduling notice and say they work their on call’s as much as they want to be worked so I’m hoping I can get at least 4 days per week to help out with the bills. My goal is to get either a permanent part time or full time position so I can get benefits as well and not have to pay out of pocket for them.

We have been staying with my parents while we wait for our house to finish which is coming along very well. We just found out we have to go through the entire loan process again though since we’re both at new jobs since we qualified the first time. We’re bringing in a lot more money than we were last time which is great, but I don’t have any proof of that yet since I haven’t been paid yet and won’t receive a paycheck until after we’re supposed to have all of our paperwork turned in so we’re praying that won’t cause any hiccups with the closing process.

We’re house sitting for some friends now and having a great time being out on our own and only having to be considerate of each other. ha. We get to go camping with some friends this weekend which we’re really looking forward to as well, we’ve only been camping together once so far.

I JUST finished the thank you notes for the wedding (I THINK) so I’m really excited about that, it’s been quite a project because we have so many people to thank. I believe we kept good records of everything so I’m praying I didn’t miss anything going through it all.

That’s about it for now.
Bo & Kari

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