Thanksgiving # 3 – 11/29/08

We had our third and final thanksgiving celebration with Bo’s extended family today. Last I heard there were 36 people at the house, my camera never even made it out of my purse…. We had a great time hanging out with everyone, eating SO MUCH great food and even playing a little poker. Then i really enjoyed the 2 hour drive home, it’s so nice sometimes to have the time just to sit and think/reflect/process since i don’t often make the time to do it myself, it’s nice when i have the chance to do it on long drives.

Here’s the only picture we got today of us….

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  1. I loved all the new information you left for us to read. The pictures are great, even chloe’s little fishy. Yes, we have so much, we are so blessed, I feel so grateful. Thank you for reminding us to be grateful!
    Love Mom

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