Thanksgiving # 2 – 11/27/08

I figured out how to do pictures with captions this time! Woo hoo, no more guessing who everyone is… i can tell you all! We have 1 thanksgiving left to go on Saturday WAY WAY WAY up north.. i think we’ll spend most of the day driving to/from but it will be nice to spend time with Bo’s extended family again.

Here we are before we left the house. I’m thankful we have a house, we have heat, running water, lights… we are so blessed to have a comfortable home to live in, clothes to wear, food in the fridge, etc. Just having a home has so many blessings in itself to be thankful for.

Here we are driving up to Seattle. I’m so thankful we have reliable (well, for the most part, my SUV can seriously use some prayer right now though) vehicles to get us around to where we want to go and to the jobs that have been provided for us. I can’t even imagine how long it would have taken us to walk, ride bikes or attempt public transportation to get to and around Seattle.

Here we are playing games (ok, Poker) together. I’m so thankful that we have local family who we can spend time with and that we get along to play games together. (even when bo and i both lose at the games we all play)

We have food. And willing family members to purchase, prepare & transport it. Then clean it all up when it’s all done and take everything back home. It’s a lot of work, it’s pretty awesome that people are willing to invest their own time and money into their families.

Yup… more food to go ON TOP of the other food (it’s gravy)… we have the ability to load food on top of food here. We have abundance of pretty much everything we need/want here in America.

Always smiling Aunt Mary (she’s my great aunt but i’ve always just called her aunt)

Aunt Jo (again great aunt, but just aunt jo to me) and gramma up front in the pink.

Mom and Dad…other than kissing ON THE LIPS, we’re best buds. :)

And us, we have each other. What a blessing. We’re learning that it’s true what EVERYONE says, marriage is HARD work, but it’s also true that it’s sooooooooo worth it.

We were missing a few people this year from the family, among them Trina, Joe & Chloe. They were camping at the ocean and while we were EATING our food, Chloe was catching theirs…

It’s pretty amazing to think that 1 year ago I was in the airport with Bri & Chris. Then it was just bri and i.. then i left her and we both went home. I arrived home and it seemed went straight to thanksgiving in the same place we were at this year, though there were far less people there this year than the previous. It’s strange to think i’ve been HOME for an entire year now, it’s even stranger if i try to reflect on the last year of my life in comparison to the one before. I was on the race which was pretty stinkin amazing but in the past year, i came home which was pretty amazing, lived with my parents, got married, went on an awesome honeymoon, bought a house, got a job, have been active in church and the fire department and just been. Trying to learn how to be a wife (then a better one), a better daughter, sister, friend, co-worker, employee and a child of God. I swear, the older I get, the more I know – I don’t know. I’m not getting stupider, (but i bet it sounds like it because i doubt “stupider” is even a word) and it’s not like there’s more to learn but I just keep realizing I know less and less and there is so much to learn that i’d never get to. How fun.

Ok time for leftovers… We hope you had a fantastic thanksgiving and actually “gave thanks”.

Bo and Kari

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