Bo and I had an awesome thanksgiving this year, it was fantastic! We got to sleep in this morning and finish all the last minute preparations for the food we were taking with us, loaded up the car and headed out, coffee in hand. We read a few chapters of the bible on the road and prayed for our day. We arrived pretty early to Thanksgiving #1 with Bo’s family in Bonney Lake. We only got to spend about 2 hours with them as we had to head to Seattle to see my family in the afternoon.

Here are some pictures with Bo’s family.

Shirley & I (Bo’s mom)

Grandma & Grandpa Thompson

Aunt Lori

Kati (sister)

Jessica (cousin) & Ashton

Bobby (brother) cutting the Turkey

Dan (brother in law), Violet (niece) & Bo


Bobby, Sarah & Isabelle

Shirley & Isabelle

Bo & Violet

Greg (Lori’s husband)

Nyah & Randi (2nd cousins)

Brandon, Ashton & Malokai (cousin & 2nd cousins)


Charitie (cousin) & Joe

The only picture I couldn’t find was of Aiden so I stole one from his website! This is our first nephew!


Then on to Seattle for Thanksgiving #2 for the day…..

Trina, Joe & Chloe

Mom & Dad

Us again after we got home.

My camera ran out of batteries at our first thanksgiving and apparently the 2 spares I had charged didn’t actually charge so I could only snap 2 quick pictures in the afternoon with my side of the family.

We had such a great day! Bo stuffed himself stupid on his family’s traditional Thanksgiving feast (olives, deviled eggs, stuffed celery, mashed potatoes and chips & dip) and I ate well at my family’s feast with deviled eggs, stuffed celery, salad & a bite of Turkey.

We have a 19 lb Turkey to stuff and cook on Saturday when Bo and I have our own personal Thanksgiving feast at home this weekend. We don’t plan on eating the turkey fresh baked from the oven but we’re gonna have a LOT of sandwiches for the weeks to follow :)

I took a quick break mid-blog while writing this and came back to this…………………

We hope you had as enjoyable a day giving thanks celebrating with your friends and family as we did, we are blessed!

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