My sister in law is the most amazing coupon’er ever! She’s got me hook line and sinker bought into this couponing idea and I’ve given it a try a couple times and have left shopping totally defeated and feeling like I’ve wasted a TON of time with clipping coupons, organizing them in my new fancy coupon organizer (only $0.99) and trying to match the coupons with the sales at the stores and double and triple where I can. So far I haven’t done well with it but I went out this morning and did awesome! I’ve been collecting glade coupons for weeks now and Kati told me of a great deal that I missed out on and was totally bummed about but like a good girl, I had my coupon tote with me when I went Black Friday shopping today and am so happy that I did! Walmart had the candles that I have coupons for on sale and I was able to double and triple some and ended up with this great loot!

Retail price on this is $58.27 (MSRP) and I got it all for $10.21!!!! That’s a savings of about 83%! WOO HOO!!! My first excellent couponing experience, I’m so excited!! Now if I could only do that every week at the grocery store!!! Thanks Kati!!!

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