Saturday morning 2/10

Guess who got some sleep last night!?! This guy up here! ⬆️

Guess who didn’t get sleep last night? His mommy & dadddy! LOL. We have some kinks to work out in his feeding schedule. As it is, we have to either medicate, feed or flush at 9pm, 945pm, 12am, 1245am, 3am, 345am, 6am & 645am. That was a lot of breaks in our sleep last night when we didn’t even get to bed until after his 1245 flush so we were up 4 times between 1am & 6am. There will be Starbucks in our plan for the day.

But how cute is he?!? He has been perfect since we got home. Keep clean pants on him, keep him fed and he will just hang out, look around, coo a little bit and rest a lot which is great. I would love to make The whole days supply of milk this morning if he rests before brothers get home to meet him, which will be very soon so it’s unlikely.

Things im thankful for:

Mae will have our whole family of 6 together for the first time today! No worries, I have a selfie stick Bo got at a conference once, you will see us too!

Good toilet paper! Oh my heavens. Thank you Costco for jumbo packs of charmin. 1 ply crunchy hospital toilet paper was awful.

All of the help people are willing to give – when everyone is healthy in everyone’s families!

My bed, shower, shampoo, soap, pajamas, carpet, a couch… HOME.

This outfit he is wearing is a NB size gift he got from a friend. Looks like mama gets to go shopping to buy a couple preemie outfits for him to wear this month! The preemie ones say they only fit up to 6lbs which he is 5.5 so I’ll have to see how it actually fits on him after I wash it today. I have 1 so far! We didn’t plan on him being this small!


no boogies or crusty nose for Gideon. He sounds whistle’y today so I know he has some dried crusty stuff in there I’ll try to get out with saline & suction today.

Good meeting with big brothers, health & safety for us all!

A productive day of snuggles, love, relaxing & getting a routine started to set us up for success when daddy goes back to work.

I would say pray for poop again but that’s going on right now (for Gideon) so we are all good there. LOL.

Mostly prayers for health and peace in our home as we transition back. No stress or anxiety.

THANK YOU! Be on the lookout for selfies later if I get a chance to post again! 😁

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  1. I think Gideon will flourish at home (just like my husband post stroke). An environment of love and good comfort sounds. Congratulations on being home!

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