Santa pooped in my jacket….

I told Bo that I wanted to have a “date night” with him because I feel like we haven’t spent much time together lately. We decided on dinner and a movie. We were heading to the movie theater after dinner when I asked if he wanted an early Christmas present… he said “of course!” and looked to see what it was. I spread my arms apart and told him to get it (mind you it’s 20 degrees outside and I’m wearing about 3 layers of clothes topped with my HUGE puffy jet puffed marshmallow looking jacket). He reaches into my jacket pockets and they were empty. He unzips the jacket and a wrapped box fell out. I said “WOW! Santa pooped in my jacket!!!” He unwrapped the box and found Toby Mac concert tickets I had purchased about a month ago.

We both love Toby Mac and had a blast at the show tonight! And it’s so fun to surprise Bo with stuff like this, it’s so easy! He had NO IDEA at all until I gave him the box. In fact, he spent the entire drive to the restaurant on the phone with FREE-411 and the movie theater checking on movies and times. I didn’t have the heart to tell him to stop wasting his time with that because I wanted it to be a surprise. Then at dinner, he barely touched his food because he knew he was going to the theater afterwords to have Nachos and a huge soda. He did end up getting nachos and a soda but with a much better show!

We had a blast, Toby Mac put on yet again, an amazing concert. I’d go see him every time he’s in town! And his opener B. Reith was pretty good too, I’ll have to check out some of his music!

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