My parents 36th wedding anniversary

Mom and dad celebrated their 36th wedding anniversary yesterday. Bo and I hosted the family at our house for dinner and game night. (my sister & brother in law had just hosted christmas dinner at their house 2 nights ago…)

Mom & Dad & Chloe of course

Picture perfect

All of dads girls
Dads 2 favorite girls! (hahah, just kidding, we are all 4 his favorite, except for mom she’s #1)
me & mom

me & bo.. no he’s not choking me, i’m ok :)
Trina & Joe – she’s video taping Chloe running around in circles with a piece of ribbon and the cat CHASING her around everywhere. it was pretty funny
bo watching the funny’ness of bowser (our cat) chasing chloe
chloe being chased by the cat. who knew!?!? a piece of free ribbon, a 3 year old and a free kitten make the best entertainment!

Ok here’s where it gets good…… we’re playing catch phrase

Ok so….
spending time with family? free…..
putting on dinner for 6 (& 1/2) ? $50…

the “catch phrase” game? $20

(it was NOT me)

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