Here are some more pictures of our kitty bowser. Check back next weekend after she goes to the groomers and gets shaved…

She likes to snuggle… I was sitting on the couch working on my computer and apparently she was jealous so she came up to snuggle ON me so i couldn’t work anymore. She LOVES to be in the “nook” whether I’m sitting up or laying down, she wants to curl up right under my chin. Tired kitty…

This is her favorite toy. It’s a jingly hard plastic ball that we’ve tied Christmas ribbon too. It’s endless entertainment for us as we throw it up and down the stairs to each other on either end and watch her rocket up and down until she’s too tired to move anymore and lays down. She will chase you around the entire house at mock 5 after this thing and as you can see, she will even climb the walls to get to it. It’s hysterical and we usually play with her every night with it.

She tires herself out and passes out anywhere when she’s done.

We bought a shelf for the living room and this was the box it came in. Long and flat she crawled right inside to check it out and play inside.

Tuckered out yet again…

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