Moses Birth Story


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Moses was born on August 1st, 2013. (I’m a little behind on blogging) :) I was 38 weeks pregnant and woke up very early that morning to an excruciating headache and the sound of my blood pressure ‘wooshing’ loudly in my ears. I woke Bo up, told him something was wrong and asked him to call in sick to work so we could be seen. My parents came over to the house before Elijah even woke and we headed to the hospital. My blood pressure was too high at the hospital and I had some signs of pre-eclampsia as I had with Elijah as well so we spent the day walking around the outside of St Elizabeth hospital in Enumclaw trying to walk myself into labor so I wouldn’t have to be induced like I was with Elijah. I can’t even count the number of stairs we walked up and down, round and round that day. It was a long day. We finally got released to go home around 9pm that night so we stopped  by McDonalds to get breakfast/lunch/dinner on our way home since neither of us had eaten anything all day long. We got home, I took a shower, Bo rearranged the living room furniture and put the couch square in front of the TV so we could sit down, relax, eat and veg out in front of a tv show. I think by the time we got our food, got home, showered and collapsed on the couch to eat and relax it was midnight.  As soon we sat down, contractions started. Fast and strong. We shoveled in as much food as we could and headed back for the hospital. We went right up to the birth unit, got checked in, settled and were all ready to go! We labored all night long (even some in the tub which I hated at the time) and delivered Moses in the morning! Everything went smoothly until the very end when it got a bit hectic and scary and I was put on oxygen and they were trying to monitor him more closely. I remember getting scared right at the end knowing it wasn’t going how it was supposed to go but Dr. Merrill and his staff remained calm, patient and stern with me with what they needed and we had our desired birth with no medical intervention.  Special thank you goes to Sara with The Blessed Everyday Photography for the amazing photographs documenting Moses birth. She captured the actual feelings and special moments of his arrival and it amazes me that when I look back on these pictures, they take my breath away and take me back to those exact moments with the feelings of exactly what was happening in that moment. I’m so thankful for these to remember forever. I wish I could remember more but I’m in a hurry to get caught up with my late blogging  so maybe I’ll add more later as I remember more. :)

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