June 3 Updates

Well it’s been a while since I’ve posted an update. So here’s the latest…

Dad got his first post-op PSA (cancer) test back after 6 weeks and it shows he is cancer free! Praise the Lord. His recovery from the surgery is great except the nerve damage he has as a result of the surgery. He’s in horrible pain and the doctors haven’t been able to control it with medication yet though they’ve tried a few different medications already. He’s going to start cortisone injections soon to see if that will help. He’s back to work and works in the shop as well so it’s nice for him to get out and about though he’s not back full time yet.

Chloe has been back at my parents house weekly again since dad is feeling better and she’s been a blast to hang out with. Here are a few pictures from the past couple of weeks….

Other than that, Bo started a new job yesterday that he loves so far. He’s an IT guy for a computer store and works in an office but also gets to go to homes to work on computers as well so he’s not always stuck in the office.

I’m looking for a full time job. I applied for 1 job that I’m interested in but haven’t heard anything back from them yet and have been told to just wait. I’m also a Creative Memories consultant again which I enjoy but isn’t bringing in much income so it’s more of a hobby than a job. The job I applied for is very close to the house Bo and I just bought which is part of the reason I’d love to have it, so I don’t have to drive far.

Our house… YAY! We bought a house! It’s not built yet but here’s what it will look like once it is (a different color though) ….They applied for our permit yesterday and will hopefully receive it within a week so they can start construction. We plan on being homeless for about a month after our wedding until the house is complete, we talked about pitching a tent in the driveway and just living there anyways but i doubt the construction guys would allow that to happen. hahaha. We had a blast at the new home showroom picking out all of our flooring, countertops, cabinets, colors, etc. But man they really get you in there, you have to pay for lights in the rooms, apparently new homes don’t come with ceiling lights so you have to buy those individually and pay per light if you want a light in a room. UGH… they really can nickel and dime you to death but Bo and I did well with the selections, we spent a LITTLE more than our budget we had set but we got a TON for it so we’re very excited. We still need to buy a fridge, washer & dryer then we have to get to work on our back yard since it only comes with dirt and rocks.

Wedding planning is going well, we have all the major details worked out (i think), we’re just trying to finish up all the minor details and everything we forgot or didn’t even think about and figure out how to fit all the people inside the church (yikes). We still need to get the flower girl/ring bearer dresses for my niece and Bo’s niece (they are both about 2 1/2 years old), find wedding favors, come up with programs, pick music, get the guys fitted for tux’s, go on a diet to fit in my dress, get that altered and who knows what else, hahaha.

The honeymoon planning is going well. We’re still paying that off as well but our wedding registry is a honeymoon registry so if people chose to purchase gifts for us, they can purchase things for our honeymoon like offshore excursions, pictures, a special dinner, etc. So we’re paying off the actual trip itself (cruise, hotel, airfare, etc) but have registered for some of the extra fun stuff that we might not be able to afford. We’re leaving straight from our reception to the airport to catch a red eye flight to New York. Our cruise ship leaves New York City the following day at noon and heads to the Eastern Caribbean for 8 days. We’re stopping at St. Thomas, San Juan and Tortola. Following the cruise we have a 3 night stay in Manhattan (Times Square) to hang out and sight see in New York and visit with some of Bo’s friends and family from his summers he used to spend there. We return home and have to find a place to live for a month or so while our house is being finished. We don’t have an exact closing date on it yet but we should get that this week.

That’s it for updates now. I hope you are all doing well. I’ll try to post more regularly so there’s not so much to say each time. Be back soon!

Bo & Kari

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  1. Posting updates more often would be nice Kari. Glad to hear all is going well. I don’t think you have much worry about being homeless! You know you always have a place to stay. You guys are doing well on your planning. Love you, Mom

  2. Congratulations! That’s so exciting about your new house :) Looks like you’re having a lot of fun planning everything. Not too much longer to go now until the big day!

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