Job Prayer

Most of you are aware of the situation Bo and I are in and how we’re both desperately seeking jobs right now within the next 2 weeks to try to save our house. Well, I’ve applied for quite a few and interviewed for 1 so far and didn’t get it. Bo has applied for quite a few as well and had a phone interview today with a Christian Agency needing an IT/desktop support guy which is what he does. He was so excited about this opportunity to work in a Christian environment doing what he loves. He had the phone interview today and they liked him and said they’re looking to fill the position immediately and requested he come in for an in person interview tomorrow. Yay!!!! So please keep the situation and his interview tomorrow in your prayers!

(this picture of him is about 2 years old… probably similar to how he will look tomorrow for his interview, all nice and dressed up, super excited but also scared like a deer in the headlights look)

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