Job PRAISE!!!!

Thank you so much for your prayers! Bo got a job! And he got THE job… the one he really wanted! It’s a temp to hire position through a staffing agency for an international Christian agency. Bo had a phone interview yesterday and went in for the personal interview today. He called me as he was leaving the interview and told me all about it. He said they told him he would hear about the results of the interview today. About 10 minutes later as we were still talking about how the interview went, the staffing agency was calling on the other line already offering him the job! He starts this week! It couldn’t have worked out better! He gets to do the desktop support/computer/IT stuff that he loves AND he gets to do it for a Christian organization… I am just so amazed and thankful for how God works things out. I still need a job, but I’m not near as desperate as I was, ready to jump into anything that was offered to me anywhere for any amount of money. I can narrow my search back down to the local community and take a lesser pay because we don’t NEED me to make that much anymore since Bo will bring in most of the income. Please keep that in your prayers.

On another note, my parents found out today that their beloved dog Sampson has Cancer. Apparently with this breed of Rottweiler it’s common. He’s such a wonderful dog and plays so well with my niece Chloe, it’s of course heartbreaking news. They don’t know to what extent yet but it’s just sad he has more medical issues to deal with after having surgery to have both of his knees replaced in the past 1-2 years. Maybe it’s just a small skin tumor, that’s what we’re praying for so it can just be removed and all will be well.

Thank you again for all your prayers, we appreciate it so much!

Bo and Kari

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