Coupon Tote

It’s official, I’m a couponing queen. This is my 3rd tote (Thanks Deb!) that I’m trying. The first one was too big (a shoebox), 2nd one was too small (same size as this but didn’t extend) and now I have this one! It’s a 4×6 accordion file that extends out, I’m just hoping I don’t snap the little rubber band that holds it all together at the bottom because it’s stretched to the MAX!

This one is still small enough to fit in my purse though so I can be sure to have it handy with me whenever I’m in the store. Now if I just knew all the rules for the stores I shop at (Safeway, Fred Meyer & Walgreens) so I knew where I could double and triple and see what’s on sale, etc I’d be set. I guess that’s just more learning and reading blogs though. It’s becoming quite the hobby, with all the money I’m saving, I should be buying scrapbook stuff!!!!!

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