Christmas #1

Since we didn’t have bible study Wednesday night and Bo’s mom comes to that with us, we decided to get together anyways for dinner/Christmas. We had breakfast for dinner (eggs & toast – not separate – it’s an actual dish they make), put on “Mickeys Magical Christmas” in the background on tv and opened presents together. Of course Bows had to be the center of attention….

We had fun opening presents trying to guess what was inside. Lots of flat ponies, dead ponies, squished ponies, square ponies (it’s only funny if you’ve ever opened presents with me before… think along the lines of KiT-Ten).

“Home Sweet Home” has always been my favorite Yankee candle fragrance but I got “Sparkling Cinnamon” this year which outsmells that by far! SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO Yummy and warm! And yes, I’m STILL wearing my scrubs from work.. off work at 430, home at 5, had company over already, made food for our christmas eve dinner, company left at 645, started wednesday night dinner, bo’s mom arrived at 7, she left at 930 and I had a chance to change from my work clothes straight into my jammees!

Bo actually enjoyed his gifts quite a bit, you just can’t tell :/

Yup…. STILL there

Then she got tired and flipped insideout. It’s a newer thing for her to hang out insideout but I catch her doing it all the time now. She’s a fluffy nut.

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