Alaska daycation

Bo and I got the opportunity to take a day trip to Alaska yesterday with his mom to celebrate his brothers birthday and Christmas with him. Normally I wouldn’t really want to spend 8 hours on a plane in 1 day just to spend 8 hours somewhere and come back home, but for this snow…. totally worth it! I love snow, but you can probably tell from the pictures below I took out the car window driving around town yesterday so I’ll stop talking about it and let you see it. (keep scrolling though, there’s a good story below with the next set of pictures after the snow) …..

I wanted to see snow, so pretty much landing the plane in the Anchorage airport, I was happy already and got to see snow, then I got really excited when we got out of the airport to see it for real. I could have come home at that point having had a great day seeing some real snow! (Washington snow is NOT snow)

But Bo’s mom really wanted to see a Moose. So we took off on a wild moose chase to find one! We’re driving up this hillside in a residential area on the search for moose and Bo’s mom yells “BACK UP!” So we stopped the car, backed up and I was looking for a dog or a log or a pile of rocks in someones yard figuring she saw SOMETHING that wasn’t white and figured it was a moose. So we backed up… and saw a MOOSE!!!!!!

This is not just a moose wandering through someones yard, this thing is curled up in a little ball ON THE WELCOME MAT on the back porch! Are you kidding me!!?!?! There is a moose curled up like a dog on the mat on the porch of a house in a residential neighborhood!!!

We weren’t even sure if it was alive so Bo got out and jumped around and it MOVED! It’s a real life moose … a wild moose… this is a MOOSE thinking it’s a dog or something curled up on the porch.. NO WAY!!!! Obviously I can’t comprehend this… it’s a moose, on a porch… !?!?!?! This thing would stand up taller than the truck in the driveway and it’s just chillin on the porch?? Wow.

Anyways, we went out for breakfast (I got to try reindeer sausage), went moose chasing, took lots of pictures on the drive and went back to Chris’s house to relax. I ALMOST took a nap during the football game but managed to stay awake.

Then we shopped a bit, went out to dinner (still being full from breakfast) and headed back home. Here’s Chris at the restaurant… so festive is he! :) (HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!)

This was a huge chocolate factory at Wildberry, one of the stores we visited.

And we got to see the sunset on the way out. Beautiful!

I realized later I didn’t get ANY pictures of us together or even any pictures of Bo’s mom so I stole one from her FB page to give credit here :)

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