Baby Bradshaw #4

Well, our journey continues with this 4th little man of ours. It was detected at our 19 week ultrasound that he may have a very minor, probably benign, heart defect. We were also told we should have an ultra sound every 2 weeks and get an echocardiogram (which first specialist couldn’t do). We scheduled a follow up ultra sound with a different specialist at her earliest convenience 6 weeks later to get a 2nd opinion and see about the need for an echocardiogam and further follow up. When we went to the appointment yesterday, the doctor had gone home sick so we were unable to have our consult with her and potential echocardiogram if one was in fact needed. We did get an ultra sound which showed this stubborn little guy is breech, facing my spine and absolutely refused to move so they could get good pictures. The tech did her best to get all the cardiac pictures and videos needed but said it was not likely that she was able to get a clear view and a good diagnosis and said we would probably have to return again for another ultra sound and the echocardiogram.

This morning, I got the call from the doctor who was out sick yesterday. She confirmed the suspicion of the first doctor and said that yes, it does appear that he has this defect but, in addition to that, she believes there may be something more significant going on and we need an echocardiogram to confirm. (This is starting to sound familliar….) She said she would be unable to do the echocardiogram because the condition she is concerned about will require more care throughout pregnancy and afterwards as well so we are being transferred to the Seattle Childrens Pediatric Cardiology Unit. We will get our fetal echocardiogram there and meet with a Cardiology/Surgical team to get a confirmed diagnosis and come up with a plan based on the results.

I cried when I got off the phone not having expected to hear that when she called with results. Then I called Bo and let him know. Then I remembered (when I was excused from being a TA in the class I was working in because apparently I looked a little worse than I thought I did having been crying and trying to pull myself together) that God has chosen this boy. God is making him exactly how He wants him to be made within me. Jeremiah 1:5 says “Before I formed you in the womb I knew you, before you were born I set you apart” so God already has a plan for this little man of ours. Ephesians 2:10 reminds me that our little boy is Gods workmanship. Isaiah 41:10 tells me not to fear because He is with me.

I have decided that until I have a confirmed reason, I’m going to stand on the fact that God is forming this little life inside of me and he is perfect, just like God makes. I could get myself all worked up and upset and worried about what potentially could be. But that isn’t going to help anything or anyone and just wreck my mood and likely everyones moods around me when I can chose to trust in God and His goodness and His promises and I’ll deal with what comes as it comes. No need to borrow trouble that may not be.

This could literally all just be nothing. It could be artifact from the ultra sound, it could be from bad pictures, it could be from bad positioning, it could be a lot of things from absolutely nothing to something pretty severe (including involving other genetic anomalies) but right now, we just don’t know. Even if it is the severe concern she has, there is a surgical option to repair his heart after he is born.

I’m praying that he is fine. I’m praying that if he isn’t fine, God will make him fine before our next appointment. That’s where I’m staying until our next appointment and if things change, we’ll deal with it then.

We would love for you to stand in prayer with us for a healthy baby boy! We don’t have any needs right now other than prayers for a healthy baby boy and we appreciate the prayers & good thoughts you are willing to send! We will update again after we have our next appointment (within 3 weeks). We even just had dinner delivered from our awesome and amazing co-op and their “dinners on a budget” class so I don’t even have to make dinner tonight! Thank you to the Acts North Co-Op, the “dinners on a budget” class for preparing it and to Sara for delivering it!

Here is a cute little shot of his profile you can remember in prayer. He’s got the cutest little nose and chubby little lips :)

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  1. Love your post and the attitude. You are absolutely correct about God making him perfect. Love you all and continuing to pray for all of you.

    1. Thanks! Love you too! Yeah, when I remembered that God is making him, it gave me a huge sense of relief today. I’ll just keep that in the forefront of my mind!

  2. Standing firmly in prayer with you. May you trust in His plan for all things, and may His peace beyond understanding overflow in and through you and Bo.

  3. Standing in prayer with you that God will make every cell in sweet baby boys body perfect and in line with Gods will. Jeremiah 29:11 “‘For I know the plans I have for you,’ declares the LORD, ‘plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.'”

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