7th of July

Well good news and bad news. They started building the frame of our house on the 7th of July and they’ve already got over 1/2 the house up! Pretty amazing to see the progress going that quickly on the house! We’re getting SO excited!

That was the good news. The bad news… my last job lead turned me down. Sad. It’s a long story but it was kind of a depressing letdown. On the flipside of that, God closed that door but of course opened another door for me to go through. I applied for 2 positions at a medical clinic late Monday night online and received a call at 8:30am on Tuesday morning asking for an interview. It would be a job i’d really enjoy, get my foot in the door for the medical field and pay OK and it’s not full time BUT i don’t think i’d have benefits with it and i need benefits and it’s an on call position. She said they generally work their on call workers 16-24 hours per week which would be perfect, that’s exactly what i need but it would be tough to not plan anything in my life in hopes of being called in to work. I also sent my resume in to the recruiter at the Christian organization where Bo is now working and apparently they raved over my resume and said they want me. They’re not sure what for yet but they want me based on my resume. I’m not sure what i would be doing there, how much i’d get paid, how many hours, etc but that could be a promising lead as well. Another friend of me tonight let me know that a local 911 dispatch agency that i called a couple weeks ago who had JUST hired someone is now desperate for another dispatcher. I’m not sure what happened but that’s another possible door for me though it means working shift work again which includes nights, weekends and holiddays. I haven’t applied for that one yet but I probably will soon because i need to get something SOON. So i have 3 potential job opportunities now. Please keep that in your prayers.

And 1 other interesting tidbit…. I withdrew $1000.00 from my savings account for Bo and I to have spending cash on our honeymoon. I requested that on Sunday (online). I received it on Monday in the mail in addition to an $850.00 hospital bill from when i was in the hospital back in February! UGH… So i decided the better thing would be to pay the $850.00 bill with the honeymoon cash money and use the rest for the honeymoon. Well God of course has a sense of humor because when i went and checked the mail today, i got another medical bill for $150.00. Perfect huh? I had taken out EXACTLY the amount of the total of both bills that arrived in the mail the next 2 days. It sucks that it happened and ALL of our spending cash we had planned on is now gone, BUT i’m SOOOO thankful that i had the money there already and was able to pay the bills since i don’t have much of an income now. God works in amazing ways…. He creates some pretty miraculous coincidences from the small things like providing EXACTLY the amount of money needed to pay unsuspecting medical bills to the larger things like perfectly creating the universe in a way we could live in it. He’s a pretty amazing God and never ceases to amaze me in new ways every day.

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