36 week update

I got to see the doctor today for our 36 week checkup. Since I’m so close to the end, I now have to see him every week. The appointment went great, I’ve maintained my 23 pound weight loss since I got pregnant (thanks to eating healthy and exercising due to having gestational diabetes). My blood pressure is excellent and my blood sugars are in good control. The further along I get in pregnancy, the harder it is to maintain good blood sugars and even just a little cheat now will cause me to rise too high. It’s quite a bummer. I’ve seriously been craving something sweet but even fruit does me in and has to be avoided. It’s only for a few more weeks though so hopefully I can maintain and not go on a bingeing bender and eat all things sugar. LOL. Babies heart rate is in the mid-upper 120’s which is right where it should be for this time. He is still head down and pretty low which is uncomfortable for me but good for labor. My tummy is measuring at 35 1/2 weeks which is good, we don’t have any concern of having a 10 lb + baby due to the diabetes as his last ultra sound showed him in the 40th percentile and my measurements are showing steady growth but nothing too large. We took my first pregnant belly pic today, yes, I realize I look like I was due a few weeks ago. LOL. This is my 7th pregnancy in 6 years, apparently your body really does remember what to do and once I hit 20 weeks, my stomach just exploded. Hahaha. My doctor is still considering admitting me early to try natural induction so we don’t take the risk of not making it to the hospital when I’m in labor, I’m waiting to hear back from baby boys cardiologist about that to find out the risk or concerns she may have.

All in all, it was a great appointment. My body has been preparing for labor (cramps, braxton hicks, lower threshold for activity/exercise, tired, etc) but I’m doing great and baby seems to be doing great as well.

We are of course still praying for complete healing for him, a great birth experience AT the hospital with our doctor and the adjustment to becoming a family of 6 with our 3 other little munchkins. We know God is in control and has His plan set for us, we are just along for the ride and praying and trusting in Him and are so thankful for the blessings we have received this far along already.

Prayer Requests:
* Complete healing for baby
* That we and our doctor make it to the hospital in plenty of time for a good birth experience.
* A smooth transition for the whole family while I’m at the hospital and the boys are awaiting the arrival of their baby brother.

We are asking for a lot but we serve a big God. :)

Thank you for the continued thoughts and prayers! I’ll keep you updated as best I can. There shouldn’t be any new baby related changes or updates until after he is born and gets his initial checkup at the hospital by the birth staff and his cardiologist who will come see him soon after he is born. We appreciate your thoughts and prayers so much, I wish I could express how much it means to us but I guess these words will have to do.

We did have a very Merry Christmas and had a Happy New Year as well, we hope the same for all of you!

The Bradshaw Crew (Kari)

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  1. Looking good. Thanks for the updates! I continue to pray for you, baby and your family.

    Hope you had a great holiday!

  2. Kari, you look beautiful, pregnant. Must come from all that past experience. Thinking of all of you often and praying for the best possible outcome for all of you. I have enjoyed reading your updates as they are so positive in nature and the faith that you have in God and his plan for all of you is incredible.

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