We’re Pregnant!

Well, this isn’t actually new news anymore but I haven’t blogged about it at all yet so I thought I would.

8 weeks ago today I found out I was pregnant. Bo and I had been arguing something fierce and not getting along at all and I wasn’t myself, I hadn’t even considered taking a test though we had been “trying” to get pregnant for quite a while. I was home alone contemplating purchasing a 25 pack of pregnancy tests for only $5 from amazon when the light went on inside my head and I remembered I had 1 left upstairs so I went up and took it. I got the plus and the line, never seen that before. I started crying and thought “Really God?? REALLY!?!?!? Right NOW?!?!?!” I had been doing well losing weight and was down around 25 lbs at the time but it had certainly slowed down recently. When Bo got home later that night, I told him. He lit up like the house on the Griswold Family Christmas video and I cried some more. He tried to hide his excitement and console me but I was too upset and he was too excited, he glowed, like staring directly at the sun type glow when he saw the positive test result.

The pregnancy has been good so far, pharmaceutical companies make AMAZING drugs for nausea and after trying to “tough it” for the first 2 months I finally caved and started taking the medication and have felt SO much better since! I haven’t had a migraine for over 3 months which is the longest I’ve ever gone without so I’m very thankful for that.

I truly believed that when I got pregnant, it wouldn’t affect me – at all. Really, I believed this. I figured I’d go about life like nothing was different and not notice a thing until my belly button popped out and I was about done. I haven’t eaten eggs for over 2 months, I went an entire week eating ONLY potatoes, I nearly threw up (multiple times) with a group of people at a Chinese restaurant early on and I LOVE me some Chinese food! Bo quickly learned that if I asked him “what day is today?” that his response was to be “nap day!” and if I asked “What time is it?” the correct response was “nap time!”. I was napping a LOT and completely lost the ability to sleep at night at ALL anymore. I would lay in bed and toss and turn, huff and sigh, flop and roll and kick about but I wouldn’t actually ever sleep. Thankfully that too has now passed and I am sleeping well again only at night and not napping anymore (except for in the car).

We finally got to meet our little babyblueberry at week 8. I’ve tracked the pregnancy, embryonic growth into a fetus and changes since. At week 7, she (I call “it” a she because I don’t like referring to our baby as an “it”) became the size of a blueberry so I started calling her “babyblueberry” and that’s stuck even though she’s graduated a # of sizes through kidney bean, grape, kumquat, fig, lime and this week she’s a medium sized shrimp. Here are our first pictures:

Here’s a picture of me at week 12, I am not showing at all (just my regular chubby belly) and have lost about 10 more lbs now putting me down a total of 35 lbs from this time last year.

We just went in for our 12 week check up a few days ago and go to hear her heartbeat again (in the 160’s) though we didn’t get any new pictures. Doctor says we won’t get another ultrasound for another 2 months. We opted out of the genetic test because we don’t want to go through all that even though it would have given us another look via ultrasound at the baby.

Her weekly birthdays are on Saturdays so as of today, we’re 13 weeks. Here’s a picture from this morning, still not showing and Doctor said I’ve lost 2 more pounds since last week (I think his scale is wrong, mine at home doesn’t say I’ve lost). It’s ok for me to lose weight while pregnant as long as I’m getting all the nutrition and water that baby needs since I was so overweight to start with.

Since I was a little girl, I think the most important thing to me for having a child was to have a rocker-glider chair. I’m not sure why, I don’t think my mom ever had one but that’s been important to me for some reason. So this morning, we went out garage sale’ing to see if we could find one. We found a couple but they were icky, dirty, stained, VERY used and didn’t have the ottoman to match so I decided not to get them. I figure I can try some magic at clearance shopping with coupons and see if I can get a decent one with the ottoman (which is just as important as the chair itself) for a great price. Enter… God. While garage sale’ing, I asked everyone that had baby stuff out if they had a rocker-glider available and 1 gal told me that she had just ordered 1 herself from Amazon.com and got a great deal on it. But she said she had just left the Bellevue Babies R Us store and they told her about 1 they had in the back warehouse that had just come in from an online order that was never picked up and had to be discounted to resell. She said it was a brand new one for $86. I didn’t get TOO excited, I figured it would have already been gone and even if not, it wouldn’t include the ottoman so it would probably still cost far too much if we had to purchase it separately. But I called the store anyways to ask about it and she told me she did find it, a brand new, still in the box Stork Company glider rocker with ottoman for $86. “With ottoman?!?!” I exclaimed, “yes” she replied. I asked her to put it on hold for me and we would pick it up today. We had just received a gift from our friends that included a $50 Babies R Us gift certificate that I of course wanted to use on something substantial, not just boxes of diapers we’d go through and throw away, I wanted something memorable to purchase with the gift and this was the deal!! We arrived in the store and went to pick it up, long story short, they finally did find it (after I was nearly in tears because they tried to charge us $176 for a different one) and gave me the additional 20% off for the current furniture sale they were offering since I asked for that as well. Dave Ramsey (and my dad) taught me well how to negotiate! Here is the current rocker glider & ottoman as it sits in our living room downstairs and the after picture of what it will be as soon as Bo puts it all together! I’m so excited I can’t stand it! I had nearly resigned to having a decent (non stained, smelly, rickety, only partly padded) glider rocker and ottoman and got blessed with this bad boy for $26 out of pocket out the door! BEST. DEAL. EVER! I’m so thankful! I think we’re actually going to leave it in the living room downstairs, it matches with our art and shelves there and we spend ALL of our time in the living room … we can move it to the nursery later if it would work better in there. We’ll see.

That’s about it for our current updates! We don’t have any names picked out yet and aren’t sure if we’re going to share those publicly when we do chose one anyways. We’re undecided about finding out the sex, I’d prefer to wait, Bo REALLY wants to know. I know it would be more convenient but what a great surprise to be blessed with after baby comes to find out who they really are? It just seems neat to me but we will probably end up finding out because it’s really important to Bo. That of course we will share with everyone if/when we do find out.

Blessings until the next blog…

-TBC (Bo, Kari & Babyblueberry)

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  1. That is SO awesome Kari!! I am so glad you got a glider with an ottoman! I love it, it is so pretty. We have a glider without an ottoman because there is no extra room in the nursery for one :) I am so glad for you that you found such a great deal and got what you wanted! It seems like there is something important that you “need” with every new baby. With J it was the nursery, everything had to match and be cute. With this one it is the quest for the perfect double jogger. lol

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